Definition of many moons ago in English:

many moons ago

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  • A long time ago.

    • ‘That's when we first met many, many moons ago and then we started having him on as a regular guest maybe once a month, maybe even twice a month.’
    • ‘I have never played this game but seem to remember seeing it on the shelves of some shops I've been in many moons ago.’
    • ‘But, many moons ago, someone somewhere read complaints about cable modem service and believed it.’
    • ‘One summer, many moons ago, I worked in Carillon, Quebec, as a guide for Parks Canada at the Carillon / Granville lock.’
    • ‘Many many moons ago, I dated a guy who was into rockclimbing.’
    • ‘Brenda is one of the best at our game and I was lucky enough to have benefited from being a classmate of hers, many moons ago, in college.’
    • ‘Then there are the regular habitués who, many moons ago, took up permanent residence along the boulevard's sidewalks.’
    • ‘As a young man, many, many moons ago, he visited nearby Moorehall where he met and courted his loving, patient wife, Sally.’
    • ‘I've always loved writing and when I was at school many moons ago, I was lucky enough to have an English teacher who encouraged me.’
    • ‘We used to go out together many, many moons ago - actually we dated for 7 years - and it was a very happy time being in the swinging 80s.’