Definition of manzanita in English:



  • An evergreen dwarf shrub related to the bearberry, native to California.

    Genus Arctostaphylos, family Ericaceae: several species, in particular A. manzanita

    ‘Drought-tolerant shrubs range from manzanita, cotoneaster and rockrose to toyon, huckleberry and other varieties of ceanothus.’
    • ‘Farther upland, usually between 3,000 and 5,000 feet, is chaparral, where scrub oaks, manzanitas, and various other shrubs join cacti and yuccas.’
    • ‘Cheatgrass, sagebrush, manzanita, and ponderosa pine are all part of the volatile ground fuels mix that surrounds the fast-growing city.’
    • ‘They're also checking related species - chestnuts, beeches, and chinquapins - as well as rhododendron and huckleberry relatives: manzanitas, cranberries, and more.’
    • ‘Now a gorgeous 3-mile trail runs up and over the hills, past soap-root, buckeyes, and manzanitas and across a babbling brook.’



/ˌmanzəˈnēdə/ /ˌmænzəˈnidə/


Mid 19th century from Spanish, diminutive of manzana ‘apple’.