Definition of maple leaf in English:

maple leaf


  • The leaf of the maple, used as an emblem of Canada.

    • ‘Their logo incorporates a maple leaf resembling Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's tiara.’
    • ‘So is there hope that a Union Flag could join the maple leaf and the five-ring Olympic insignia as a bodily adornment?’
    • ‘Whether it's fun in the sun or seminars in a hotel, no one needs a maple leaf sewn onto their backpack to attend any of the Canada day events.’
    • ‘The festivities begin with their entrance on a speedboat in red-and-white costumes carrying handmade flags that combine the maple leaf with the California Republic bear.’
    • ‘Bauer promised to build an amateur team worthy of taking on the world's best, worthy of wearing the maple leaf on their sweater, worthy of earning the gold medal he alone seemed to think within reach.’
    • ‘He accused the Canadian anti-globalisation movement of being racist and insensitive to Native and Québecois history for using a maple leaf as its symbol.’
    • ‘For whatever reason (a nagging injury or a long season are the most common) it seems very easy for many Canadians to pass up the opportunity to wear the maple leaf.’
    • ‘Rob and I walked slowly along the rows of stark white granite tombstones, each engraved with a Canadian maple leaf.’
    • ‘The red and white flag emblazoned with the maple leaf flew proudly outside the hotel alongside the tricolour.’
    • ‘More than three decades later, the maple leaf still conveys the same message.’
    • ‘Once he supplied his audience with red pens and asked them to draw the Canadian maple leaf.’
    • ‘The Canadian national flag, adopted in 1965, is a red maple leaf set against a white background and bordered on either side by wide, vertical bands of red.’
    • ‘In Canada, this type of stamp has the image of the monarch, the Canadian flag, and the maple leaf, although other images sometimes appear.’
    • ‘Among the illustrations, there are many Canadian elements such as a Canadian maple leaf for demonstrating a visual process.’
    • ‘Tile is used to render the indigenous maple leaf at the west entrance.’
    • ‘Only a Canadian travels abroad with a regulation size/weight suitcase or a carry-on item tagged with a modestly displayed red-and-white maple leaf.’
    • ‘The national flag, on the other hand, is two red stripes with a white square containing an 11-point red maple leaf in the centre.’
    • ‘The closest things I had ever tasted to this were maple fondants, those cute soft candies shaped like little maple leaves, imported from Canada.’


maple leaf