Definition of maquette in English:



  • A sculptor's small preliminary model or sketch.

    ‘Asked by the seaman's hometown to design a memorial, Schutte prepared a number of sketches and maquettes, some fully sculptural.’
    • ‘Along with a selection of major sculptures and maquettes, the show contains rarely exhibited preparatory drawings and sketchbooks loaned by the Miro Foundation in Mallorca.’
    • ‘More than 160 of his works are represented, including carved works in wood and stone, bronze sculptures, plaster maquettes and drawings.’
    • ‘Apparently Krams intends to use her small sculptures as maquettes for life size figures which will all take part in a yet-to-be-written operatic event.’
    • ‘Indoor and outdoor works are included, along with drawings, maquettes, stained-glass, and stainless-steel sculptures.’
    • ‘The collection of sculpture includes several maquettes by Puget, who came from Marseille.’
    • ‘Here, maquettes are at once model and end result.’
    • ‘This exhibition at the Talbot Rice Gallery features more than 20 projects displayed in filing cabinets and shelving units modified by the artist, showing sketchbooks, drawings and maquettes to reveal the method beyond the creations.’
    • ‘Heavily illustrated in color and duotone, the 256-page hardback book features Proctor's monumental and studio sculpture, plaster and clay maquettes, as well as drawings.’
    • ‘A number of interesting comparisons can be made between the specification, the two drawings and the maquette, showing the transition from design to the finished carving.’
    • ‘Although meant to be functional, the model, in the gallery context, looked like a maquette for a large abstract sculpture.’
    • ‘On view were several large-scale objects and numerous small and medium-sized maquettes for colossal outdoor pieces.’
    • ‘However, in properly run competitions, and after the first cut-off when more detailed plans and maquettes are requested, artists are usually compensated for their efforts.’
    • ‘In this context, Judd's reductive forms, notes and signature representations spoke volumes concerning their use as architectural plans and maquettes.’
    • ‘There are formal models plus informal working maquettes from the initial design phase of several projects.’
    • ‘In the exhibition, the piece was perhaps over-represented by smaller bronze versions, a plaster maquette, a giant photo-mural on cloth and a handsome new series of six inkjet prints.’
    • ‘An unrealized project designed for a site in Volterra, Italy, it is represented in this exhibition by numerous drawings and a large maquette.’
    • ‘This major retrospective of British sculptor Henry Moore consists of some 120 works, including drawings, maquettes, plasters, wood and stone carvings, and large bronzes.’
    • ‘The exhibition began in a traditional, hardwood-floored gallery, its white walls hung with Park's beautifully drafted exhibition plans and intricate installation maquettes.’
    • ‘This show features photos, objects, maquettes, drawings and paintings from these projects.’
    drawing, preliminary drawing, outline



/maˈket/ /mæˈkɛt/


Late 19th century French, from Italian machietta, diminutive of macchia ‘spot’.