Definition of maquiladora in English:



  • A factory in Mexico run by a foreign company and exporting its products to the country of that company.

    ‘These days the fishing boats are beached and the Indians and Mexican residents are in grinding poverty, forced to work multiple jobs in distant tortilla factories, maquiladoras, and wheat fields.’
    • ‘Under both Mexican law and the binational 1983 La Paz agreement, waste generated by the 3200 maquiladoras in Mexico must be shipped back to the country where the legal owner is based.’
    • ‘Mexico's much-vaunted maquiladoras are shutting their doors, as companies flee for China and other still cheaper labor markets.’
    • ‘In June the country's 2,900-plus maquiladoras exported goods worth $7.72 billion.’
    • ‘Since 2002, 300 maquiladoras have moved from Mexico to China.’
    • ‘In Mexico's maquiladoras, the employers do not hesitate to deal brutally with workers who try to set up independent trade unions.’
    • ‘The suspect corn flour was fashioned into taco shells at a Pepsi-Co maquiladora in Mexicali, Mexico, which also turns out that country's numero uno snack food, Sabritas.’
    • ‘Women of colour become workers in maquiladoras and sweatshops in the south and up north, and they are trafficked for the global sex trade, as mail order brides or as prostitutes in brothels.’
    • ‘Women staff the maquiladoras and the sweatshops that produce the cheap goods of the global economy.’
    • ‘They weren't as low as workers earned in Mexico, where the prevailing pay at the maquiladoras was less than $8 a day.’
    • ‘They have come in variably from the south or interior of Mexico to work in what are called the maquiladoras.’
    • ‘The ominous shifting of production from Mexican maquiladoras to even lower cost China is further evidence that the assumption that Mexico's needed growth would automatically flow from free trade was naive.’
    • ‘Since NAFTA, the number of workers in the border assembly plants known as maquiladoras has doubled to one million.’
    • ‘Then we dumped those people, as virtual slave labor, in maquiladoras in the northern states of Mexico, or we brought them across the border as cheap labor, here.’
    • ‘Of Mexico's more than 3500 maquiladoras, 344 are in Jalisco.’
    • ‘They pass laws to protect the maquiladoras, so the rule of law exists in that sense,’ he admits.’
    • ‘Mexican maquiladoras became a blueprint for the North American Free Trade Agreement implemented in 1994.’
    • ‘She is currently completing a book about the Mexican women who work in maquiladoras for American-owned multinationals along the United States-Mexican border.’
    • ‘While most of the women workers in the maquiladoras are migrants from poorer regions, many of them have come with their families, since there is no pass system, and quite a number are single mothers.’
    • ‘Beyond the Borders will support grass-roots environmental organizations in Mexico like Vida Digna that are fighting air and water pollution from maquiladoras.’



/məˌkēləˈdôrə/ /məˌkiləˈdɔrə/


Mexican Spanish, from maquilar ‘assemble’.