Definition of Marathi in English:



mass noun
  • An Indic language spoken mainly in the western Indian state of Maharashtra.

    • ‘Most of the officers I trained there speak only Marathi, a language spoken in Maharashtra.’
    • ‘But he was unable to speak or write Marathi and fellow students taunted him.’
    • ‘Kannada too has always borrowed from Sanskrit, Prakrit, Marathi, Parsi, Arabic, and so on at various points.’
    • ‘However, most Congressmen who spoke Marathi insisted on a separate Maharashtra State.’
    • ‘Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, Urdu and English are dear to him.’
    • ‘A versatile linguist, he has acted in every major regional language including Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi and Telegu.’
    • ‘It is a pleasant amalgam of Persian, Arabic, Marathi, and Hindustani with Konkani as its base.’
    • ‘This segment of the festival had several local groups perform in four languages - English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati.’
    • ‘Once more the Elijah prayer is inscribed in Marathi (the local language used near Bombay) on the lower border of the image.’
    • ‘It had only ‘Maharashtrian’ boys and naturally all the swayamsevaks used to speak only Marathi.’
    • ‘Outside the area, the term Maratha loosely identifies people who speak Marathi.’
    • ‘Going forward, the channel proposes to beam programs in six languages, including Marathi.’
    • ‘And can also speak Gujarati, Parsi, English, Hindi and Marathi.’
    • ‘Besides, his novels have been translated in different languages such as Hindi, Marathi etc.’
    • ‘Kannada films are sure to perish like Marathi, Oriya and others if other language films are not restricted.’
    • ‘The plays were in Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati.’
    • ‘He filled his days with Hindustani, Marathi and Persian, passing army exams.’
    • ‘I don't know modern young metropolitan women, I'd say we don't have any writers in Marathi who've written about them.’
    • ‘Nagarkar has written in Marathi and is firmly bilingual.’
    • ‘Shantaram is set to be translated into Marathi this year.’


  • Relating to Marathi.


Marathi, from Marāṭhā Maratha.



/məˈrɑːti/ /məˈrati/