Definition of Marche in English:



  • A region of east central Italy, between the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea; capital, Ancona. Italian name Le Marche /ˈmarke/.

    ‘My concerns are mostly for that last little region of Central Italy - Le Marche, where I live.’
    • ‘This group is re-investing in the local community to keep the Montefeltro a thriving area of the province of the Marche in Italy.’
    • ‘Perhaps it is the lack of big cities which has left Marche off the more traditional list of Italian destinations.’
    • ‘Revolts spread also to Lazio, Umbria, and the Marche.’
    • ‘Lotto, although born in Venice and active in the Marche, is included because of his work in Bergamo.’
    • ‘Because of its depth, the tremor was felt over a wide area, notably in the Marche region further south on the Adriatic coast.’
    • ‘After the Umbria and Marche earthquakes in Italy in 1997 there was a sequence of eight events higher than magnitude five in the following two months.’
    • ‘The Marche Region is bordered by the Umbria, Emilia Romagna, Abruzzo and Lazio regions of Italy.’
    • ‘The Marche is an extremely beautiful region on the Adriatic Sea with Romagna to the north and Abruzzo to the south.’
    • ‘Vincisgrassi is a rich, wonderfully elaborate lasagne from the Marche region in Italy, which is to the east of Tuscany.’
    • ‘Like so many forgotten Italian wine regions, however, the Marche is making a strong comeback, with many small producers emerging to make some excellent wines, both red and white.’
    • ‘Fabrizio returns with the red wine: 2002 Stefano Mancinelli Lacrima di Morra d'Alba a bright fruity, fresh wine from le Marche.’
    • ‘So over the next few weeks, expect at least three entree recipes, one dessert recipe, and then one post about Le Marche wine.’
    • ‘Monte Sibillini National Park: Whether it is summer or winter the mountains of Le Marche have something to offer to the hiker and lovers of winter sports alike.’
    • ‘He's moved from Marche to the wilds of Moscow and then to Marbella (Spain), to the great monarch (that is Britain).’
    • ‘Sangiovese in Marche can be thin and sharp, but in blends dominated by the powerful montepulciano the tart Marche sangiovese brings a refreshing liveliness.’
    • ‘The Marche has been ignored by generations of wine lovers as a region that only produces a simple white wine, in a fish-shaped bottled, called Verdicchio.’
    • ‘The theatre is definitely worth seeing - an eloborate place with layers of balconies all painted in tromp l'oeil style, one of many beautiful theatres in Le Marche.’
    • ‘To further secure his hold on La Marche, Hugh le Brun, Lord of Lusignan arranged a marriage between himself and Isabella, the daughter of Count Aymer of Angoulême.’
    • ‘The plants are grown in Macerata and Iesi, in the Italian province of Le Marche.’



/ˈmärkā/ /ˈmɑrkeɪ/