Definition of margay in English:



  • A small South American wild cat with large eyes and a yellowish coat with black spots and stripes.

    Felis wiedii, family Felidae

    ‘We had reached Mexico's Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, home to jaguarundis, ocelots, margays, pumas, and jaguars.’
    • ‘Or you may be lucky enough to spot one of the jaguar's smaller cousins: an ocelot or a puma, a margay or a jaguarundi.’
    • ‘Clearly, bobcats could survive hunting pressures better than margays and ocelots.’
    • ‘The margay is the only cat species able to rotate its legs a hundred and eighty degrees at the hip.’



/ˈmärˌɡā/ /ˈmɑrˌɡeɪ/


Late 18th century via French from Tupi marakaya.