Definition of Marian in English:



  • 1Relating to the Virgin Mary.

    ‘Catholicism in Australia was sharply divided from Protestantism and liberalism, and devotional practice was marked by increasingly anti-modernist Marian piety.’
    • ‘Chartres was a centre of worship and part of the new Marian cult which was just starting to inject a powerful feminine element into Christianity.’
    • ‘And when these were opposed by the Marian bishops and conservative peers, he baited a trap for the Catholics.’
    • ‘The abundance of lively cherubs carrying Marian emblems is also characteristic.’
    • ‘To commemorate the centenary of the proclamation 1954 was declared a Marian year by Pope Pius XII.’
    • ‘There will be a Marian Afternoon in honour of Our Lady at Salesian House, Ballinakill, on this Sunday, May 5 at 3 pm.’
    • ‘You are cordially invited to a Marian Afternoon in honour of Our Lady at Salesian House, Ballinakill on Sunday, May 25 commencing at 3pm.’
    • ‘During that appearance, the Pope spoke of his plans to visit a Marian shrine at Pompeii, in southern Italy, on October 7.’
    • ‘The first programme revisited the tragic story of Ann Lovett, a 15-year-old schoolgirl who died giving birth to a baby boy (who also died) at a Marian grotto in Granard, Co Longford.’
    • ‘Civilta Cattolica [the Pope's newspaper] reported that Edgardo's mother, at the sight of a Marian medal on her son, ripped it off contemptuously, proving herself an unfit mother.’
    • ‘At times we see a Marian figure, at others, a water-nymph, Persephone or Everywoman, merging with flowers and fruits in constant metamorphoses.’
    • ‘In towns and cities throughout the country, street-side frescoes, mosaics and tiny niches bearing the image of some Marian entity abounded.’
    • ‘More recently, there was a Marian Year in 1987 / 88, proclaimed by Pope John Paul II.’
    • ‘But the Genesis narratives are appropriate as well to Mary and cleansing, especially in a Marian chapel.’
    • ‘The townsfolk wasted no time in organizing a search for what everyone assumed was a Marian statue or chapel of some sort.’
    • ‘It was first held in 1954 because that had been declared a Marian Year during which the Dominicans naturally wished to express their devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary.’
    • ‘The ceremonies will consist of a Marian Hour, Stations of the Resurrection while Holy Mass will begin at 5-15 pm.’
    • ‘Like a Marian apparition, she had to be seen to be believed.’
  • 2Relating to Queen Mary I of England.

    • ‘In 1559 Knox's attack on female monarchy was answered by the Marian exile, John Aylmer, later bishop of London, whose An Harborowe for Faithfull and Trewe Subiectes was an apology for Elizabeth's rule.’



/ˈmerēən/ /ˈmɛriən/