Definition of mark something down in English:

mark something down

phrasal verb

  • (of a retailer) reduce the indicated price of an item.

    ‘ties are marked down by at least 25 per cent’
    • ‘It has also led to spot shortages of fuel in the economically busiest areas of China, according to the China Securities News, with black-market speculators marking prices up 30% above levels set by the state-controlled pricing system.’
    • ‘All I am getting is a couple more horrible sweets and they have clearly factored such thefts into their prices and marked them up by about 10,000%.’
    • ‘The price of blatberries had been marked down again at Mumlat's Market.’
    • ‘If a broker sells a municipal bond to a customer from the firm's own portfolio, for example, he or she need not tell the customer how much its price was marked up.’
    • ‘Anyway, prices were marked down to fifty, even seventy percent, and I got carried away and bought stuff, too.’
    • ‘But remember the old rule, ‘he who shops best haggles the most’, so just bargain till the prices are marked down to suit your budget.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, in America, we just put water in bottles with shiny stamps, mark the price up a thousand percent or more, advertise the hell out of the product, and consumers guzzle it down.’
    • ‘Steel prices had been marked up by a handful of producers in view of the rising exports to China and a few other countries.’
    • ‘Police opened the investigation following reports from several employees who said that the land price had been marked up to conceal the presence of the remaining funds.’
    • ‘I later notice that it has been marked down several times, indicating that nobody in this whole community knows what a Frette sheet is.’
    • ‘If the suit does not fit perfectly, do not buy it, even if it is marked down for a large discount.’
    • ‘The regular price was $180 and they were marked down to $49.’
    • ‘That was probably a $10 bottle of wine and they marked it up $30.’
    • ‘A survey by the Daily Mail revealed that apples in the superstores were marked up by as much as 198 per cent, while eggs commanded prices up to 439 per cent higher than were paid to the farmers.’
    • ‘In addition to what Tom says, purely observationally, you walk into Iceland or a variety of other shops and there are always two for one deals on freezer food while fresh vegetables are marked up.’
    • ‘However, staff predicted that the rush would start on Christmas Eve when a number of selected items would be marked down for their sale.’
    • ‘Bargain-hunters head downstairs to Filene's Basement, where items are marked down by 25% after 14 days, 50% after 21 days and 75% after 28 days.’
    reduce, decrease, lower, cut, put down, take down, discount
    lower the price of, make cheaper, sell at a giveaway price, put in a sale
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