Definition of marquesa in English:



  • A Spanish marchioness.

    ‘Picasso recalled his father returning from the house of a local marquesa’
    • ‘When the Marques receives the letter he is furious and demands an apology or a duel. Sharpe refuses to apologise as he says he doesn't know the Marquesa, and the duel is arranged.’
    • ‘In a French garrison in Spain, Ducos has impounded the carriages of La Marquesa Helene Mendora.’
    • ‘When I first laid eyes on these dogs in the marquesa's large, pefectly-manicured back yard, I was impressed.’
    • ‘It was attacked by communist troops during the Spanish Civil War and the Marquesa was forced to flee on foot to Almuñecar.’
    • ‘As an awkward, homely young woman, the Marquesa was forced into an arranged marriage.’