Definition of Marrano in English:



  • (in medieval Spain) a Jew or Moor who had converted to Christianity, especially one who professed conversion in order to avoid persecution.

    • ‘She started researching her family history and concluded that her ancestors were Marranos, or Sephardic Jews, who had fled the Inquisition in Spain and in Mexico more than four centuries ago.’
    • ‘The Marranos (Iberian Jews officially converted to Christianity) secretly celebrating Passover in their attic behave as holdouts from another age.’
    • ‘As a child, I heard references to the Marranos, the hidden Jews of Spain.’
    • ‘On Yom Kippur the Marranos would ‘gather in their caves and pour out their pleas to God to forgive them their false vows.’’
    • ‘Miguel is of Marrano background: Jews forcibly converted to Catholicism in Portugal and Spain who nonetheless kept Jewish custom and belief alive in secret observance.’


Spanish, of unknown origin.