Definition of marriage certificate in English:

marriage certificate


  • A copy of the record of a legal marriage, with details of names, date, etc.

    • ‘Just for good measure, the happy pair enclosed a copy of their marriage certificate, and an affidavit from a lawyer in Canada, where they'd celebrated their wedding a few months earlier, confirming that all was legal and proper.’
    • ‘To register, residents are required to show a family identity card, a birth certificate, a marriage certificate or any other document that can help prove their identity.’
    • ‘And, if you are making changes, it's a good idea to take documentation with you, such as a marriage certificate or birth certificate.’
    • ‘I also examined a copy of the marriage certificate.’
    • ‘Women's property rights are difficult to protect without a legal marriage certificate, but there are many couples who don't have this.’
    • ‘As some may confuse, the date of getting the marriage certificate and the wedding ceremony are typically two events.’
    • ‘Evidence pointed against what Lena claimed to be a copy of her marriage certificate.’
    • ‘Having a marriage certificate legalises the partnership, but it doesn't guarantee happiness either for the couple or their children.’
    • ‘We'd like to see them treated in exactly the same way as, say a de facto spouse would be treated, and that would give them exactly the same rights as a spouse with a marriage certificate.’
    • ‘He said securing legal documents like identity documents, death certificates and marriage certificate also proved difficult.’
    • ‘If both parties agree to the split, they simply fill out an application and provide their marriage certificate, identification and photos of themselves.’
    • ‘So you could then look up their marriage certificate, which would have their parents' names on it.’
    • ‘She asked a series of questions, then photocopied all their documents: credit union statements, mortgage, marriage certificate, birth certificates, list of referees.’
    • ‘This new intermarriage act also still required ministers and judges who solemnized unions to attach a marriage certificate to the license and return the documents to the district clerk.’
    • ‘At first, she was told she could not see her husband because her birth certificate and marriage certificate were in English.’
    • ‘Yet despite probably two decades of working in a job that must have been in today's terms at least semi-skilled, no occupation is given on her marriage certificate.’
    • ‘The relationship that follows will survive or collapse because of the people, not the marriage certificate, and so I don't see the point.’
    • ‘On his marriage certificate George listed his occupation as ‘stuntman’.’
    • ‘We will principally ask our clients to show their marriage certificate.’
    • ‘It won't be official until they decide to obtain a marriage certificate from a Registrar of Civil Marriages.’


marriage certificate

/ˈmarɪdʒ səˌtɪfɪkət/