Definition of marriage guidance in English:

marriage guidance


mass noun
  • (in the UK) counselling of married couples who have problems in their relationship.

    ‘a marriage-guidance counsellor’
    • ‘A counsellor from marriage guidance suggested people were not prepared for ‘coming together in one relationship’ and the adjustments that demanded.’
    • ‘I never forgot it, and it came out during marriage guidance counselling several years later.’
    • ‘Counsellors abandon marriage guidance classes in case they get sued should the couple divorce at a later stage.’
    • ‘The offspring of the marriage guidance service was launched to help young people through the turbulent period during and after their parents' separation.’
    • ‘It is a finding borne out by marriage guidance counsellors.’
    • ‘The stereotypical image of marriage guidance is the woman who arrives on her own, promising that her other half will turn up, yet leaves on her own an hour later.’
    • ‘Wouldn't marriage guidance be better in that case than searing honesty?’
    • ‘He runs programmes for the elderly, mother and child education, skills formation, poverty alleviation, social animation, health education, marriage guidance and youth recreation scholarships.’
    • ‘Fifty years ago, marriage-guidance counsellors were generally regarded with suspicion.’
    • ‘Significantly the role of marriage guidance counsellors is not to advise so much as to restore communication between couples.’
    • ‘Besides inaugurating youth clubs in schools, colleges and villages for the advancement of the rural youth, marriage guidance will also be given.’
    • ‘It can also be of immense help in marriage guidance.’
    • ‘Will they advocate for equal marriage guidance services, or is that handled by another department?’
    • ‘Every now and then the marriage guidance counselling service produce a Top Ten of what causes rows in a relationship.’
    • ‘Scotland's largest marriage guidance organisation says taking the 87-question test will help couples assess how well their relationship is going and how they can improve it for the future.’
    • ‘You've probably already heard the following bit of information but, just in case you haven't: one in three marriages end in divorce and marriage guidance experts say that the biggest single cause of arguments in a relationship is money.’
    • ‘Now Keith has become a marriage-guidance counsellor.’
    • ‘According to a survey conducted last year the marriage guidance service, financial matters are reckoned to cause more arguments in relationships than any other single factor.’
    • ‘Before a personal relationship completely founders on the rocks and turns to outright hostility, a marriage guidance counsellor usually recommends a ‘goodwill offensive’ by both sides.’
    • ‘The marriage guidance body said that around a tenth of all its cases were now influenced by the internet.’


marriage guidance