Definition of marriage guidance counsellor in English:

marriage guidance counsellor

(US marriage guidance counselor)


  • (in the UK) a person trained to give counselling to married couples who have problems in their relationship.

    ‘they're currently seeing a marriage guidance counsellor’
    • ‘The couple are reportedly seeing a marriage guidance counsellor in a bid to save their troubled relationship.’
    • ‘Marriage guidance counsellor Phillip Hodson estimates that each week 2,900 children find out their home is breaking up.’
    • ‘The police's legal powers are the reasons for calling the police in an emergency, rather than, say, a priest, psychiatrist, or marriage guidance counsellor.’
    • ‘Turner works as a marriage guidance counsellor at Preston Caring Services.’
    • ‘Very reluctantly he accompanies her to a town in Maine, to attend sessions with a well-known marriage guidance counsellor.’
    • ‘So if an ennui has crept into your marriage, talk it over, visit a marriage guidance counsellor together, go on a holiday, inject some romance - anything.’
    • ‘A good marriage guidance counsellor is worth their weight in gold.’
    • ‘Yet the feeling remains that a marriage guidance counsellor could have sorted their differences.’
    • ‘It was what marriage guidance counsellors would call "progress".’
    • ‘I trained first as a nurse, then as a marriage guidance counsellor, before moving into health journalism.’
    • ‘The former marriage guidance counsellor said she got the idea for the book when she was out in the park with her granddaughter.’