Definition of marriage license in English:

marriage license


  • A license that a couple must obtain before getting married.

    ‘The applicants in that case went to the High Court, by way of a test case, seeking a decision as to whether same-sex couples could lawfully obtain a marriage licence.’
    • ‘On 27 November 1582, the clerk noted in the Episcopal Register of the Diocese of Worcester the application for a special marriage licence inter Willelmum Shaxpere et Annam Whateley de Temple Grafton.’
    • ‘The couple returned from their honeymoon to find their marriage licence wasn't completed and they weren't actually married.’
    • ‘The bogus bride who tried to marry Toby at York register office in a sham wedding, was fined £150 by York magistrates for lying under oath to get a marriage licence.’
    • ‘One day David sneaks Nancy out of her boarding school to get a marriage licence at the local courthouse.’
    • ‘While genuine elopements are now rare, the local registry office, which charges £148 for a marriage licence, now injects around £500,000 a year into the local economy.’
    • ‘Members of the public can't ask to look at the register, but they can get a copy of a marriage licence for £7 and the more details they have the better.’
    • ‘Inspired by talk of love and romance in the run up to Valentine's Day, they have decided to apply for a civil marriage licence.’
    • ‘Some churches fear their right to deny people a marriage licence will be stripped.’
    • ‘Baptism, marriage licence, and the christening of his children aside, we know nothing of Shakespeare's life until September 1592, when Robert Greene attacked him in print.’
    • ‘It said that denying marriage licences to same-sex couples violated anti-discrimination laws.’
    • ‘Lesbians and gays took the challenge to the Big Apple yesterday, with hundreds of couples lined up at city hall, demanding marriage licences.’
    • ‘But the Supreme Judicial Court stopped short of ordering that marriage licences be issued to seven gay couples who challenged the law.’
    • ‘She made the decision after hearing from five gay and lesbian couples who were denied marriage licences in the province.’
    • ‘The three largest provinces in Canada are granting same-sex marriage licences.’
    • ‘Danes under the age of 24 who want to marry non-nationals will have to meet set criteria before a marriage licence will be granted.’
    • ‘She already had a marriage licence to marry Neal.’