Definition of marriage proposal in English:

marriage proposal


  • An offer of marriage.

    ‘she turned down several marriage proposals’
    • ‘I received hundreds of letters from viewers - even marriage proposals, particularly from America.’
    • ‘Georges ends that affair, however, when newly widowed Madeleine accepts his marriage proposal.’
    • ‘I had a marriage proposal on Twitter!’
    • ‘For her to say yes to a marriage proposal is amazing.’
    • ‘The rapid culmination of their love affair is a surprise marriage proposal, completing the whirlwind romance.’
    • ‘She is just nineteen but already we have received many marriage proposals for her.’
    • ‘You're still not sore about me rejecting your marriage proposal are you?’
    • ‘But so far so good; they've dated, hit it off, and she's accepted his marriage proposal.’
    • ‘She thought he was so handsome, and brave, and she just wished he had responded even once to one of her marriage proposals.’
    • ‘Somehow, she always dreamed that her marriage proposal would be sweeter, more romantically stated.’
    • ‘A woman scorned, Takiora refused to help him and turned down his marriage proposal.’