Definition of marriage vow in English:

marriage vow


  • One of a set of solemn promises made by two people when they get married.

    ‘her husband has broken his marriage vows and betrayed her’
    • ‘The rite of marriage is then performed, with marriage vows according to Catholic custom.’
    • ‘Nothing tied him down - no restrictions, no regulations, no marriage vows.’
    • ‘He broke his marriage vows at the five-year mark.’
    • ‘To traditional couples, marriage vows show their commitment to each other in a public way.’
    • ‘To publicly exchange marriage vows is the foundation of an enduring commitment.’
    • ‘Marriage vows become finalized with an exchange of gold wedding bands.’
    • ‘Now that her parents are preparing to renew their marriage vows, she finds her emotions to be seriously conflicted.’
    • ‘If you truly love each other I think you will go ahead and take your marriage vows.’
    • ‘Affirming marriage vows in public helps give each partner greater assurance that each really means it.’
    • ‘They remain true to their marriage vows even though their respective spouses do not.’
    • ‘We honor our marriage vows, we're kind to children, we support charities, and we don't own a gun.’