Definition of married name in English:

married name


  • A surname that a person takes after marriage, traditionally a husband’s surname taken by his wife.

    ‘both books were published under her married name’
    • ‘Now, with a lot of junk mail, she gets two pieces - one in her maiden name, one in her married name.’
    • ‘You can hyphenate your name or use your maiden name for work and your married name everywhere else.’
    • ‘On other occasions she had also used her single name and her married name.’
    • ‘Were you not told you couldn't work under your married name?’
    • ‘So she used her married name at work.’
    • ‘Those who have moved out of the area are more difficult to locate, as are the girls who now have married names.’
    • ‘My mother kept her married name after divorce because she was working in journalism at the time and it made a better by-line.’
    • ‘Carter, also known by her married name, Connelly, passed herself off as a doctor, a psychologist, and a minister.’
    • ‘"My married name is Lancaster but I was born Smith," she said.’