Definition of marron in English:


nounmarron, marrons

  • A large Australian freshwater crayfish which lives on the sandy bottoms of rivers and streams.

    Cherax tenuimanus, infraorder Astacidea

    • ‘I'd bring local food - halloumi, honey, olives, organic chicken - no, make that marron (a fresh-water crayfish) and Pale Ale.’
    • ‘Yabbies, marrons, and other varieties are commonly found down under in Australia and New Zealand.’
    • ‘He goes on to explain that the marron occurs naturally only in rivers and streams of the Jarrah forest area of south-western W. Australia.’
    • ‘This interviewee himself took pleasure in regrowth forest and spent much of his recreational time fishing, catching marron (a freshwater crustacean, Cherax cainii) and bush walking.’
    • ‘Brendan hails from the wheatbelt, where his family wheat farm has gone heavily into value adding, including marron farming (yabbies to the people from the rest of the country).’


1940s from Nyungar marran.