Definition of marron glacé in English:

marron glacé

nounmarrons glacés

  • A chestnut preserved in and coated with sugar.

    • ‘The idea of adding marrons confits (aka marrons glacés or glazed chestnuts) to the pears was inspired by the delicious crumble they currently serve at the restaurant, to which I went back on a couple of happy occasions recently.’
    • ‘The verb ‘to candy’ today indicates a method of preservation using sugar syrup; candied fruit, marrons glacés, candied ginger, and candied angelica all use this process.’
    • ‘Sprinkle the brown sugar and the remaining chocolate and marrons glacés over the top of the batter.’
    • ‘I told him about my passion for marrons glacés and he took me to the shop in the ninth which has been candying chestnuts since the Revolution.’
    • ‘It is also the occasion to rediscover the marron glacé of Ardèche and chestnut cream as well as other by-products, purée, flour, the sweet chestnuts which one crunches with an aperitif and even beer!’


French, ‘iced chestnut’.


marron glacé

/ˌmarɒ̃ ˈɡlaseɪ/