Definition of marrowfat pea in English:

marrowfat pea


  • A pea of a large variety which is processed and sold in cans.

    ‘They are as different from the fat autumn turnips as petit pois are from marrowfat peas.’
    • ‘Huge plastic tubs of dried marrowfat peas would have to be left to soak overnight before being steamed in the morning.’
    • ‘There is also a lack of authenticity: you are unlikely to find classic Scotch broth, bulging with barley, marrowfat peas, vegetables and an entire runner of beef, rammed into a tin.’
    • ‘Our own wonderful scotch broth - better than France's hip pot au feu - is hearty and wholesome, thick with barley, vegetables, marrowfat peas and beef or lamb.’
    • ‘Fish or steak are the traditional options, but you could go for the Dundee classic, the Buster, a plate of marrowfat peas, liberally doused with vinegar.’


marrowfat pea

/ˈmerōˌfat ˌpē/ /ˈmɛroʊˌfæt ˌpi/