Definition of marsh marigold in English:

marsh marigold


  • A plant of the buttercup family which has large yellow flowers and grows in damp ground and shallow water, native to north temperate regions.

    Caltha palustris, family Ranunculaceae

    • ‘Spring flowers which can be spotted in the wood at this time of year include the yellow celandine, marsh marigold and wood anemone (also known as wind flower).’
    • ‘Spring and early summer is also the best time to enjoy the varied colours of waterside plants including marsh marigold, water mint and yellow spearwort which is a sort of aquatic buttercup.’
    • ‘Early spring brings the bright yellow flowers of marsh marigold - followed, as the seasons progress, by woolly sedge, false nettle, swamp aster, water horehound, and swamp goldenrod.’
    • ‘Strolling along the river bank you will find hawthorns in their new cloaks of green, catkins and pussy willow, marsh marigolds and primroses and daffodils in abundance, adding a beautiful splash of colour to the drab countryside.’
    • ‘Native wetland species including irises, water mint and marsh marigolds will give extra visual appeal, improved biodiversity and insulating qualities.’