Definition of Marshallese in English:



  • 1A native or inhabitant of the Marshall Islands.

    • ‘Imposed economic dependency resulted in the Marshallese accepting a Compact of Free Association.’
    • ‘I was one of the few Marshallese allowed in because I delivered construction materials.’
    • ‘The Marshallese are of Micronesian origin and migrated from Asia several thousand years ago.’
    • ‘When, after a year, nothing came of their petition, many of the Marshallese, true to their word, sailed back to their homes in the mid-corridor on the day a missile launch was scheduled.’
    • ‘Long before modern day navigational instruments were brought to the Marshallese, they travelled the ocean, maintained courses and determined positions of islands by the use of wave patterns.’
  • 2mass noun The Micronesian language of the Marshallese.

    • ‘All residents speak Marshallese, an Austronesian language that shares numerous affinities with other Pacific languages, particularly those of eastern Micronesia.’
    • ‘If you are proficient in Greek, Somali, Macedonian, or Marshallese, and have experience translating, please contact our Translations Coordinator’
    • ‘In Marshallese and Yapese, spelling reforms promulgated in the early 1970s have yet to take hold.’
    • ‘We were not supposed to eat the coconut crabs because they were radioactive or "poison" as we say in Marshallese.’
    • ‘My 6th grader had well-developed language skills in Marshallese and English when we moved here, and so had no problem maintaining both.’


  • Relating to the Marshall Islands, their inhabitants, or their language.

    • ‘Springdale is home to the largest community of Marshallese people outside of the Marshall Islands.’
    • ‘At the excavation site, the identification lab's team - augmented with volunteers and paid Marshallese laborers - happily greeted the pair.’
    • ‘After the catamaran trip, Chen was interviewed by local Marshallese reporters.’
    • ‘Both kinds of maps highlight the culturally salient features of the Marshallese seascape - which, from a Western perspective, represent a truly unique way of modeling the world.’
    • ‘Sharing with family and friends, a warm welcome for the stranger, and caring consideration for others are values inherent to the Marshallese culture.’