Definition of marshalling yard in English:

marshalling yard


  • A large railway yard in which freight wagons are organized into trains.

    • ‘Chalk was important to yard operations for without it switching freight cars in marshalling yards would have been slower and much more difficult.’
    • ‘For many years, chalk played an important role in everyday railway operations in freight marshalling yards.’
    • ‘Stations were often the scene of innovations because they had problems in parcel handling, rolling stock shunting and above all wagons in marshalling yards.’
    • ‘Coal and other goods too are being transported to the railway marshalling yard by road.’
    • ‘Railway procedures ensured that, every two or three hundred kilometres, goods trains would pause in marshalling yards, where they had to be re-labelled.’
    • ‘The first relief train, from Los Angeles, steamed into the Berkeley marshalling yards by eleven that night.’
    • ‘The photo targets were specified airfields, refineries, and railway marshalling yards.’
    • ‘The Air Force began bombing targets in the Pas de Calais, railway marshalling yards and important bridges.’
    • ‘The network is alive night and day with the thundering rattle of powerful locomotives and the incessant clanking of machinery in repair depots and marshalling yards.’
    • ‘Tracks in the marshalling yard consisted of two groups of six tracks each, 2380 to 2680 feet long.’
    • ‘If that were to happen, the railway itself would have to be rebuilt - stations, track and marshalling yards - and it would become as big an environmental nuisance as the road is now.’
    • ‘A new major new freight marshalling yard near Kleinburg was part of these plans.’
    • ‘It wants to build a rail transport hub on the site of the Tinsley marshalling yard which would take thousands of lorry journeys away from the region's roads each year.’
    • ‘When the coal industry declined the huge marshalling yards in the areas were closed and this coupled with the modern ‘Firecracker ‘welded lines means that this source has dried up.’’
    • ‘The misreading of the way of the world led to the construction of several almost completely useless marshalling yards.’
    • ‘The key components of the rail system, marshalling yards, were physically located in the midst of German urban areas.’
    • ‘Part of the vaulted foundations to the goods shed and marshalling yard areas of the former railway station will also be removed.’
    • ‘Once a busy rail marshalling yard, the seven-acre site has been transformed into a 581-space surface car park with top-of-the-range safety features.’
    • ‘A second look at the contractor's operations, their plant, equipment and marshalling yard, convinced me of their due diligence to complete the project on time.’
    • ‘The changed layout would incorporate a new entrance, marshalling yard, goods lift and stairwell and would see the removal of the staff lockers and office located on that level at present.’


marshalling yard