Definition of marshbird in English:



  • A bird that frequents marshes and reed beds.

    a brown streaked Australian warbler (genus Megalurus, family Sylviidae).Also called and grassbird and a South American bird of the American blackbird family (genus Pseudoleistes, family Icteridae).

    • ‘The Marsh Bird Technicians will be responsible for surveying predetermined marsh habitat for secretive marshbird species through standardized protocols.’
    • ‘Brood parasitism accounted for most of the egg losses and hatching failures in Brown-and-yellow Marshbird.’
    • ‘In this paper, we present data on nesting success of the Brown-and-yellow Marshbird (Pseudoleistes virescens) and examine the effects of brood parasitism and nest-site selection on daily survival rates at different stages of the nesting cycle.’
    • ‘These secretive marshbirds often remain hidden among the dense vegetation.’
    • ‘The refuge initiated our annual marshbird surveys. which utilizes broadcast bird calls to elicit responses.’