Definition of marshwort in English:



  • A white-flowered plant of the parsley family which grows beside streams and in boggy areas.

    Genus Apium, family Umbelliferae: several species

    • ‘This marshwort is a small, creeping umbellifer which grows in open, wet, usually base-rich permanent pasture subject to winter flooding.’
    • ‘Marshwort is a bottom-rooted perennial water lily-like plant.’
    • ‘As its name suggests, creeping marshwort is a low-growing plant. The leaves are toothed with a single large cleft, and the plant sends out runners which creep low to the ground or slightly below the surface.’
    • ‘Marshwort is of extremely limited distribution in New Zealand but has the potential to spread and become a very serious problem.’
    • ‘Early gentian and Creeping marshwort are European protected species.’