Definition of marsupial mouse in English:

marsupial mouse


  • A carnivorous mouse-like marsupial native to Australia and New Guinea.

    Several genera and species, family Dasyuridae

    • ‘The number of small mammals together with some very swollen testicles were signs that the rodents and marsupial mice were breeding in response to the June rains.’
    • ‘The other thing I probably didn't mention is they're also an important source of food for a lot of groups, bandicoots may dig them up, some of the marsupial mice are eating them.’
    • ‘My first impression was that there was a marsupial mice plague - they had not been reintroduced into the area but had taken advantage of the sanctuary's safety to explode in numbers and they hopped across our path at speed.’
    • ‘The brush-tailed marsupial mouse has a unique reproductive strategy. Females breed annually; matings occurring over a short period of 2 - 3 weeks.’
    • ‘This newborn marsupial mouse breaths through its skin.’