Definition of Martian in English:



  • Relating to the planet Mars or its supposed inhabitants.

    ‘the Martian atmosphere’
    ‘the first Martian colony’
    • ‘The impact of the much larger Martian oscillations on the planet's climate is thought to be even more significant.’
    • ‘Engineers have proposed passing Martian atmosphere through zeolite crystals.’
    • ‘Carbon dioxide could be taken directly from the Martian atmosphere.’
    • ‘More specialised instruments were designed to take detailed measurements, such as the amount of hydrogen gas in the upper Martian atmosphere.’
    • ‘When the gas was analyzed it was found to have isotopic ratios identical to those found in the Martian atmosphere.’
    • ‘It has been calculated taking into account the density of the Martian atmosphere, the winds and many other factors.’
    • ‘Methane could be manufactured from the carbon dioxide in the Martian atmosphere.’
    • ‘There is now a general consensus among planetary scientists that methane is a real part of the Martian atmosphere.’
    • ‘Those similarities may result from Martian winds distributing the soil around the entire planet.’
    • ‘For a Mars settlement to be truly permanent, it will need to use Martian resources to sustain itself and grow.’
    • ‘Weather data sent back from Mars Express will help us to perfect these Martian weather forecasts.’
    • ‘The red color of Martian soil is due to the presence of large quantities of iron oxide.’
    • ‘Mission engineers are curious to learn how the heat shield behaved as it passed through the Martian atmosphere.’
    • ‘The mix of gases in the Martian atmosphere makes the speed of sound 20 percent slower than it is on Earth.’
    • ‘There is so much dust in the Martian atmosphere that twilight routinely lasts for two hours.’
    • ‘Scientists have also been able to see for the first time how water is being lost from the Martian atmosphere.’
    • ‘Blue light, needed for photosynthesis, is more readily absorbed by the Martian atmosphere.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the Martian atmosphere is so weak that even these giant twisters are harmless.’
    • ‘For example the Martian atmosphere is getting sizably thicker than it was before.’
    • ‘The Martian meteorite crashes through the Earth's atmosphere - a blazing fireball.’
    extraterrestrial, other-worldly, unearthly


  • A hypothetical or fictional inhabitant of Mars.

    ‘a nest of Martians’
    • ‘April brings an invasion from the skies - aliens, UFOs and Martians.’
    • ‘There are good Martians and there are bad Martians.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, curious reports of canals, faces and sculptures have helped to foster a belief in Martians for many years.’
    • ‘We managed to capture a photograph of what are now perhaps the tiniest Martians on Mars.’
    • ‘Well, Martians haven't invaded and we've avoided nuclear war so far.’
    • ‘Even though she was sure that she could escape from the Martians once she was captured, she wasn't so sure that she could do so unscathed.’
    • ‘Every day more flying saucers came, and that meant more Martians.’
    • ‘They also found tracks that they thought were from the Martians.’
    • ‘All the Martians in the room laughed maliciously at the display.’
    • ‘Who those Martians were is a question that may never be answered - Hey!’
    • ‘An orphaned prodigy of the first manned expedition to Mars, Smith is raised by Martians before being returned to earth.’
    • ‘He had figured the Martians ' security to be lax but not this lax.’
    • ‘Let's hope the Martians are willing to contribute their fair share.’
    • ‘However, Martians dislike this air, earth's air, because it causes aging.’
    • ‘He could see no survivors, just green Martians everywhere he looked.’
    • ‘In the movie, no motive is given for the Martians ' aggressiveness other than their impish, evil nature.’
    • ‘What they don't know is that there really are Martians in the mansion.’
    • ‘In order for the Martians to bring the captive before their leader, they needed to supply the human with a spacesuit.’
    • ‘Like Martians, they have their own unique mode of communicating.’
    • ‘They believed that their country had been invaded by Martians!’
    extraterrestrial, ET


Late Middle English (in the senses ‘subject to Mars's influence’ and ‘martial’): from Latin Mars, Mart- (see Mars) + -ian.