Definition of marvellousness in English:


(US marvelousness)


See marvellous

  • ‘It features what he calls his ‘illusions,’ sleights-of-eye-and-mind that stagger around the lines between post-modernism, nostalgia, film references, and sheer aesthetic marvelousness.’
  • ‘Nobody said anything of absolute total marvellousness and profundity, but we were all ourselves at our best, and we had a thoroughly good time.’
  • ‘He was invoking the marvelousness of uncoordinated knowledge as a counterpoint to the socialists of his day who argued for the superiority of centralized, state-run, top-down coordination.’
  • ‘And what a marvellous machine she is,’ said the man, lighting up a cigar (as if in celebration of that ‘marvellousness’).’
  • ‘And I think out of that, in Ovid, Shakespeare gets something of the wondrousness, the marvellousness of the human personality.’