Definition of Marxist–Leninist in English:


noun & adjective

See Marxism–Leninism

  • ‘In the north, he promoted efforts to create a fully socialist society along Marxist-Leninist lines.’
  • ‘The picture was even more complicated by the multiplication of small Marxist-Leninist, Maoist or Trotskite groupings that competed to attract mass support and draft the contours of the new faith.’
  • ‘Consequently, while heavily laced with Marxist-Leninist rhetoric and Socialist propaganda, the book offers unique, often surprising insights.’
  • ‘In their time, Marxist-Leninists were able to convince broad popular followings that the causes of their suffering, and of the obvious injustices in their societies, were capitalism and imperialism.’
  • ‘In this book Marx himself is dealt with briefly but with some realisation of the differences with later Marxists and Marxist-Leninist regimes.’