Definition of mas in English:



mass nounWest Indian
  • Carnival celebrations.

    as modifier ‘mas bands’
    • ‘It's a rallying call to all pan players to reclaim their place in mas celebrations by helping to restore steel band music in carnival.’
    • ‘The spinal core of Carnival and mas of long ago was creative portrayal.’
    • ‘The Carnival is over but there are some jokers still playing mas in my neighbourhood.’
    • ‘The meeting considered several proposals, which included a new venue, two days of mas, pulling lots for venues, and bands attending competitions close to them.’
    • ‘Music trucks pumping loud music into thousands of eardrums as people continued to make mas even in the dying sunlight.’
    procession, march, cavalcade, motorcade, carcade, cortège, ceremony, spectacle, display, pageant, concours, file, train, column


Abbreviation of masquerade.