Definition of mash something up in English:

mash something up

phrasal verb

  • Mix or combine two or more different elements.

    ‘in my films I've always tried to artfully mash up genres’
    ‘Dinsdale mashes up dance styles like UK garage, house, and hip-hop with masterful aplomb’
    • ‘Mashing up the superhero genre with the high school comedy, Mike Mitchell's Sky High is the kind of movie Disney should produce more often.’
    • ‘They toyed with Afro-Brazilian hoo-hah for a good few years before they started mashing up ragga, noise, punk, and R&B.’
    • ‘The London-born outfit emerged a few years ago and have spent their time since then mashing up an eclectic set of influences in a sound which can best be described as thrilling.’
    • ‘The second full-length disc from The Cooper Temple Clause finds them continuing to mash up rock, grunge and electronica with healthy abandon.’
    • ‘In the late '60s, while Chicano rock was rising on the West Coast, the Big Apple's NuYorican scene was mashing up Motown and mambos.’
    • ‘As one third of the mix and blend crew he's most at home mashing up the styles to produce a sound 100% his own.’
    • ‘Director Adrian Lyne mashes up motifs from some of his past films, most notably 9 1/2 weeks, Flashdance and Fatal Attraction.’
    • ‘That would help scientists and students gain easy access to the latest research data, and help websites that mash up material from a variety of sources.’
    • ‘Future functionality will include the ability to mash up the softphone with webcams, Meebo, Flickr, etc.’
    • ‘Matthew has mashed up Google Maps with the National Rail website to create Vaguely live train maps.’