Definition of mash tun in English:

mash tun


  • (in brewing) a vat in which malt is mashed.

    • ‘The barn-to-brewhouse project has involved the installation of a mash tun, wort boiler, heat exchanger, two fermenting vessels, three conditioning tanks, one hot water tank, two recovery tanks - and a great deal of graft!’
    • ‘The larger-scale equipment, with its copper-domed boiling copper, wooden-clad mash tun and fermenting vessels, will be very much on view and visitors will be encouraged to come and talk about the brewing process and beer in general.’
    • ‘At the brewery, beer heads will be engrossed in details of new hopbacks and mash tuns weighing several tonnes each which were lowered in to the building by crane through a temporary hole in the roof.’
    • ‘I am led passed mills, mash tuns, washbacks and stills, each stage characterised by the pungent aromas of malt, fermentation and alcoholic vapours.’
    • ‘Whipping our group past mash tuns and alembic condensers, the guide points us towards the main event, the tasting room.’