Definition of mashie in English:



dated Golf
  • An iron used for lofting or for medium distances.

    ‘And he'd take out a mashie niblick [7-iron] - not a mashie [5-iron], a mashie niblick!’
    • ‘Tell golfing partners for the 40th time how the phrase mashie niblick always makes you laugh.’
    • ‘I'm still not that bad with my mashie niblick today out on the Weymouth pitch and putt, but back in my teens, it was a bit of a steep learning curve.’
    • ‘Jones was 170 yards from the green and seemingly out of reach because of his lie, but he took a mashie and landed safely on the heart of the green.’
    • ‘The only eagles I see these days are soaring above the high ridges on a tramp across the hills - unencumbered, of course, by spoons or mashie niblicks.’



/ˈmaSHē/ /ˈmæʃi/


Late 19th century perhaps from French massue ‘club’.