Definition of Mashona in English:



mass noun
  • The Shona people collectively, particularly those of Zimbabwe.

    • ‘In the 19th century much of what is now Zimbabwe was inhabited by the Mashona people and smaller associated tribes.’
    • ‘In fact, the Mashona were empire-builders, farmers and sophisticated traders.’
    • ‘He moved his mission complex up onto a nearby plateau, next to a grove of trees sacred to the ancestral spirits of the Mashona.’
    • ‘The Mashona (Shona speakers), who constitute about 75% of the population, have lived in the area the longest and are the majority language group.’
    • ‘To make matters worse from the Company point of view, in June the Mashona rose in revolt.’


  • Relating to the Shona people.

    • ‘A pretext came in 1893, when the Matabele carried out a punitive raid on a Mashona tribe in the company's territory.’
    • ‘This may be considered the last town towards the north that is inhabited by the Mashona people.’
    • ‘It was the Mashona people who built the impressive stone citadel, a sort of an acropolis on a hill, called the Great Zimbabwe.’
    • ‘The Zimbabwe culture is unique, with the warm hospitable Mashona tribes in the north and the friendly Matabeles in the south.’
    • ‘In 1896 the Matabele and Mashona tribes rose in rebellion but were crushed by the settlers.’


The name in Shona.