Definition of Masorete in English:


(also Massorete)

Pronunciation /ˈmasəˌrēt/ /ˈmæsəˌrit/


  • Any of the Jewish scholars of the 6th–10th centuries AD who contributed to the establishment of a recognized text of the Hebrew Bible, and to the compilation of the Masorah.

    • ‘This was the work of the Massoretes and the resulting text only began to be produced from the sixth century at the earliest.’
    • ‘It is a Masoretic text, i.e. one prepared by the guild of scholars called Masoretes.’
    • ‘These four constituted the entire third division of the canon - the Writings - in Josephus's day, rather than the thirteen assigned to it by the Masoretes of the late first millennium A.D.’
    • ‘They are all related to Joshua ibn Gaon, a scribe, Masorete, and decorator.’
    • ‘The signs as we know them today were fixed by the Tiberian scholar and Masorete Aaron ben Asher (900-c960).’


From French Massoret and modern Latin Massoreta, from Hebrew māsōreṯ; related to māsōrāh (see Masorah).



/ˈmasəˌrēt/ /ˈmæsəˌrit/