Definition of Mass card in English:

Mass card


  • (in the Roman Catholic Church) a card sent to the family of someone who has died, stating that the sender has arranged for a Mass to be said in memory of the deceased.

    • ‘Through the transplant coordinators at the hospital he was able to send a Mass card to the family and thank them anonymously.’
    • ‘I'll say a prayer for her and send your neighbor a Mass card.’
    • ‘Mass Cards and Cards suitable for all occasions are available at the Parish Office, a separate Mass is offered for each Mass card.’
    • ‘A separate Mass is offered for each Mass card issued.’
    • ‘The Bishops Conference has advised that people approach a priest who is personally known to them if they need a Mass card signed.’
    • ‘They express their profound gratitude to those who sent Mass cards, letters and cards of sympathy, floral tributes and phone calls.’
    • ‘There are Mass cards, Get Well cards, available in the Parish Office.’
    • ‘In the attic there are 2,000 Mass cards sent after his death in December.’
    • ‘Mass cards, greeting cards, get well cards, Mass bouquets and Mass cards are available.’
    • ‘The Church has official guidelines for the distribution of its Mass cards.’
    • ‘His family members would like to extend there heartfelt appreciation and thanks to so many people who attended the funeral, sent messages of sympathy and Mass cards.’
    • ‘A selection of religious books, bibles, newspapers, videos, prayer books, leaflets, Mass cards etc. is now available.’
    • ‘Again sincere thanks to you all for the many Mass cards, letters, phone calls and expressions of support that come our way on a daily basis.’
    • ‘I have received many phone calls, letters, Mass cards and donations from Irish people all over the world.’
    • ‘They were also touched by the huge volume of Mass cards and floral tributes.’