Definition of mass grave in English:

mass grave


  • A pit dug in the ground to receive a large number of dead bodies.

    ‘2,800 civilians were massacred and buried in mass graves’
    • ‘A number of lead crosses were recovered from London, apparently thrown into the mass graves.’
    • ‘There's a mass grave where 150 people are buried.’
    • ‘The mass graves discovered in the course of the American liberation tell their own poignant story.’
    • ‘With the other executed rebels, his body was put into a mass grave with no coffin.’
    • ‘Excavation of the East Smithfield cemeteries, revealed that the dead were neatly stacked five deep in the mass graves.’
    • ‘I heard that, of the 400,000 bodies buried in mass graves, only 5000 had been found.’
    • ‘The first day we got here, we drove 10 minutes from the airport, because we heard there was a mass grave.’
    • ‘In addition, a Senior British Army Jewish Chaplain held a burial service as each mass grave was filled in.’
    • ‘Morgan has noted that one mass grave was reportedly filled with nearly 1,500 of the slain rebels.’
    • ‘Mass graves have been found of victims of the Black Death.’