Definition of mass market in English:

mass market

(also mass-market)


the mass market
  • The market for goods that are produced in large quantities.

    ‘mobile technologies have hit the mass market’
    as modifier ‘mass-market brands’
    ‘a proven mass-market product’
    • ‘While bicycles were becoming mass-market goods, automobiles remained elite commodities.’
    • ‘Possible new approaches include targeting specific investors instead of the current mass-market approach.’
    • ‘It will be at least two years before mass-market retailers start catching up.’
    • ‘What does it mean when our best literary magazines aspire to achieve success by mimicking mass-market general interest magazines?’
    • ‘The pioneer of cheap chic is scoring by selling designer lines at mass-market prices’
    • ‘While all mass-market sellers are showing decreases, up-market brands are doing well.’
    • ‘Eventually, the Internet may reconfigure how customers think of mass-market brands.’
    • ‘Luxury has proved a better source of growth and profits than mass-market cars.’
    • ‘As the demand for more business features increases, new technologies will be available in mass-market vehicles.’
    • ‘She advertises in women's magazines, not on mass-market tv or outdoors.’
    • ‘Today's top designers are working at rejuvenating some of the tired mass-market lines of big auto makers.’
    • ‘European mass-market car makers are struggling in the face of intense price competition brought on partly by overcapacity in the industry.’
    • ‘What makes essential oils different from the synthetic perfumes sold in most mass-market retail outlets?’
    • ‘The vast array of portable Web-enabled devices in the mass market today is daunting.’
    • ‘Freeland's strength is his ability to deliver what his audience wants without diluting it for the mass market.’
    • ‘I knew the pitfalls and things to watch out for when you move from being a specialty retailer into the mass market.’
    • ‘His greatest fame and popularity, however, came with colour prints designed for the mass market.’
    • ‘The sector is growing at an extremely high rate, with expansion occurring in both the mass market and in premium product sectors.’
    • ‘The airline has turned its business focus away from the mass market to target the high-end business traveller.’
    • ‘The phone companies have a track record of refining their offerings until they attract the mass market.’
    non-specialist, non-technical, non-professional, amateur, lay, lay person's, general, middle-of-the-road


[with object]
  • Market (a product) on a large scale.

    ‘since the demise of the small local breweries, the only beers available have been mass-produced, homogenized, and mass-marketed’
    as adjective mass-marketed ‘mass-marketed video games’
    as noun mass-marketing ‘the wide appeal of the material permits mass-marketing’
    • ‘Their music exudes a rare blend of originality, sultriness and carefree innocence that's all too missing in today's over-produced and mass-marketed scene, and for that we give kudos.’
    • ‘The child-rearing advice which parents read also took on a commercial flavor during the late 1910s and 1920s. First, the advice itself was mass-marketed.’
    • ‘These revenue estimates are based on comparisons to similar mass-marketing ventures which tie movies and television shows in with associated merchandise and services.’
    • ‘Most use mass-marketing techniques to snare their victims, and the problem has worsened with the wider use of email.’
    • ‘A standard can be a mark of excellence, something to aspire to, but in a mass-produced and mass-marketed world, standards mean an unending pursuit of sameness and mediocrity.’
    • ‘We're not talking about direct mail, mass-marketing, but personalized letters designed to get attention.’
    • ‘Any international film of any merit whatsoever has to be re-made, dumbed down and mass-marketed.’
    • ‘Her goal is to mass-market her own brand of feminism - and in the process, to make her mark on the world.’
    • ‘But researchers say costs will come down rapidly over the next decade or so as engineers perfect and mass-market the devices.’
    • ‘Promoters who mass-market tax dodges now must disclose their deals and customers' names.’
    • ‘He added that ‘a half million consumers is nowhere near our ultimate ambition to create a mass-marketing vehicle.’’
    • ‘You can't treat the Web like a mass-marketing vehicle - not anymore.’
    • ‘You can do a thousand things to maybe help your product tip, but it isn't something that can be engineered precisely, as a mass-marketed television or magazine advertisement or billboard campaign.’
    • ‘Small distillers are convinced there is a market - albeit a tiny one - for distinctive, handcrafted alternatives to mass-marketed spirits.’
    • ‘It was the first mass-marketed organic wine in the United States.’
    • ‘If a farmer or gardener starts using mass-marketed seeds, the abandoned heirlooms are likely to become extinct.’
    • ‘Before the advent of mass-marketed soft drinks, children made ‘liquorice water’ by soaking a stick of liquorice until it dissolved in a bottle of water.’


mass market