Definition of mass murderer in English:

mass murderer


  • A person who commits mass murder.

    ‘mass murderers tend to have a history of pent-up frustration and failures’
    • ‘We need to understand how a war hero with no criminal record becomes the nation's most reviled mass murderer.’
    • ‘The mass murderer Ted Bundy was once a law student.’
    • ‘He's also trying to help the police find this fiendish mass murderer.’
    • ‘Why is a network offering a platform to a mass murderer?’
    • ‘But what about the personal stories behind the statistics of Britain's most prolific mass murderer?’
    • ‘He was a corrupt mass murderer, who has left a legacy of wealth to his wife and sorrow to the rest.’
    • ‘Kuklinski is one of the most notorious mass murderers in history.’
    • ‘Should the execution of mass murderers be televised?’
    • ‘This is the first film in the long lineage of mass murderer movies where the killer is allowed to be more irritating than threatening.’
    • ‘He has also called for the death penalty to be reserved for the most heinous criminals - mass murderers, hired killers, airplane bombers.’