Definition of Massachusett in English:


(also Massachuset)

Pronunciation /ˌmasəˈCHo͞osit/ /ˌmæsəˈtʃusɪt/


  • 1A member of an extinct North American people, formerly found in eastern Massachusetts.

    • ‘In 1623, Myles Standish decapitated Wituwamat, a Massachusett Indian accused of conspiring to destroy the English settlements, and stuck his head on a pole outside of Plymouth's fort.’
    • ‘Alice's husband, Thomas, was a Massachusett Indian from Agawam on the mainland.’
    • ‘His considerable feat was to translate the bible (Old and New Testaments) into the language of the Massachusett Indian.’
  • 2The Algonquian language of the Massachusett.

    • ‘People on the Cape and islands spoke Massachusett, and people in what are today Rhode Island and Connecticut spoke Narragansett.’
    • ‘The Wampanoag spoke Massachusett, a language they shared with the Massachusett and Pawtucket Indians to the north.’
    • ‘But the language was Massachusett, nonetheless, as can be seen from wills, grave markers, transfers of land, and bills of sale written in it during the 1600s and 1700s.’



/ˌmasəˈCHo͞osit/ /ˌmæsəˈtʃusɪt/