Definition of massé in English:



Billiards Snooker
usually as modifier
  • A stroke made with an inclined cue, imparting swerve to the ball.

    ‘a massé shot’
    • ‘In the movies, the star is shown sinking several balls at once, or performing beautiful massé shots.’
    • ‘It will be very difficult for a student to learn how to aim if the ball does not follow a straight line. Advanced players use curve and massé shots to their advantage, but they know how, and it is not an accident.’
    • ‘You want the cue ball to massé right slightly, into the object ball so that it will widen the angle to the rail.’
    • ‘If you want to execute a massé shot, all you have to do is convince the cue ball to take on a certain amount of abnormal spin.’
    • ‘Although it's quite spectacular, and a shot that will get you out of certain very tough situations, a massé shot is also very dangerous.’


Late 19th century French, past participle of masser ‘make a massé stroke’.