Definition of masseuse in English:



  • A woman who provides massage professionally.

    • ‘We followed the female masseuse back into the spa and discovered that there was no way upstairs.’
    • ‘While practising in the bedroom is a great starting point for aspiring masseuses and masseurs, making it as a professional is a little more rigorous.’
    • ‘Made in India, this rolling massage tool will unburden the hands of amateur masseurs and masseuses, and can double as a gift for yourself.’
    • ‘We book a top-notch team of psychotherapists, hypnotists, masseurs and masseuses, motivators and life coaches.’
    • ‘Wrapped in our sheets, we were taken in, five at a time, to have our buttocks pummelled by five very large and efficient masseuses armed with baby oil, who slapped, pinched and kneaded our flabbiest bits without the slightest hesitation.’
    • ‘Backroom staff including physiotherapists and masseuses from the Football Club are looking to use ancient medicinal arts to guarantee their future success.’
    • ‘She would call masseuses to treat guests after they had worked out.’
    • ‘All the therapists, from nail technicians to masseuses have degree qualifications.’
    • ‘The club has invited professional masseuses to knead away the body tensions.’
    • ‘The spa is, for the most part, outdoors, so as the masseuse pounded me with hot stones, I listened to the sounds of the rainforest and the hotsprings rushing.’
    • ‘The 32-year-old hip-hop star has also requested a personal masseuse to be on hand at all times and a selection of low-carb health products’
    • ‘Even more convenient, the makers promise that a 20-minute session gives the same effects as a one-hour session from a human masseuse.’
    • ‘I want to be in Hawaii, relaxing on the beach with my personal masseuse and the love of my life.’
    • ‘The masseuse applied fragrant medicated oils on the head and body in plentiful measure as one lay on a high wooden plank on the secluded verandah of an open walled courtyard.’
    • ‘The masseuse bathes my feet then unlocks a few facial pressure points while I succumb to the ambient flute music and scents of clove and ylang-ylang oil.’
    • ‘I have taken the precaution of booking a masseuse; after the powerful jets have done their work she starts hers.’
    • ‘The masseuse said she'd never known anyone with such knotted shoulders.’
    • ‘She also makes natural hair-care products and has a masseuse and makeup artist on staff.’
    • ‘Having had a two-hour massage the day before, I greatly appreciated the skills of my masseuse.’
    • ‘I had been told by my work colleagues that the unassuming green door near my flat was that of a blind masseuse.’


French, from masser ‘to massage’.