Definition of mast cell in English:

mast cell


  • A cell filled with basophil granules, found in numbers in connective tissue and releasing histamine and other substances during inflammatory and allergic reactions.

    • ‘Both lead to the release of mast cell and basophil immune mediators.’
    • ‘This compound is employed as a classic mast cell secretagogue that releases histamine.’
    • ‘Furthermore, our observations suggest that a prominent mast cell reaction seems more related to pattern and nuclear grade I carcinomas than to poorly differentiated neoplasms.’
    • ‘We have no explanation for this difference, but it is possible that allergen caused release of mast cell proteases and this might have cleaved the cytokine.’
    • ‘Some patients feel better after taking aspirin or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, probably because mast cell degranulation releases prostaglandins and leukotrienes.’


Late 19th century mast from German Mast ‘fattening, feeding’.