Definition of master copy in English:

master copy

nounmaster copies

  • An original recording, film, or document from which copies can be made.

    ‘the master copy was lost and assumed destroyed’
    • ‘Technicians are putting the final touches to the master copy.’
    • ‘I then took the master copy to a local print shop to have bound copies made.’
    • ‘We still have the master copy of the first notes.’
    • ‘A master copy of the order form, signed by the physician, should be retained.’
    • ‘Staff should ensure that master copies of each program are kept in a safe place.’
    • ‘A master copy of your syllabus should be turned in to the main office for copying at least five days in advance of the first class.’
    • ‘We're told that that wasn't the master copy, that that was just a duplicate.’
    • ‘The headteacher will maintain a master copy of each document in safe keeping.’
    • ‘We prefer that you order a master copy and then duplicate as many copies as you need.’
    • ‘They'll receive a master copy of the piece.’