Definition of master mason in English:

master mason


  • 1A skilled mason, especially one who oversees the construction of buildings.

    ‘master mason at the Tower of London’
    • ‘Anyone who arrived at the building site and claimed that they were a master mason would be tested by the Master Mason and by master masons already working on the site.’
    • ‘The identities of the architects - or more precisely of the master masons - responsible for both buildings are unknown.’
    • ‘The job requires a master mason to set the first course, grout bond beams, and install and tension the post-tension tendons.’
    • ‘The master masons carved almost every centimetre of the central shrine's surfaces with religious reliefs.’
    • ‘Before the 20th century, house construction was traditionally the task of a village's master mason who selected, in consultation with the client, one of the common plan types and proceeded without any formal documents.’
  • 2

    (also Master Mason)
    A fully qualified Freemason.

    • ‘It's also true that he was a Master Mason of the 33rd Degree, the highest you may rise, which is why I believe it was named Club 33 (there are many other theories).’
    • ‘Socrates, James believes, was initiated as a Master Mason.’
    • ‘My Father is a 32nd degree Mason, as was his father a Master Mason and a 7th Day Adventist.’
    • ‘At this meeting, eighteen Master Masons signed the petition, praying for a Charter from Grand Lodge.’
    • ‘In those days the office of Master Mason seems to have been held for life.’