Definition of master sergeant in English:

master sergeant


  • A high rank of non-commissioned officer in the US armed forces, in particular (in the Army) an NCO above sergeant first class and below sergeant major, (in the Air Force) an NCO above technical sergeant and below senior master sergeant, or (in the Marine Corps) an NCO above gunnery sergeant and below master gunnery sergeant.

    • ‘By July, I was getting a fair share of the test hops and getting to know the grizzled old master sergeant who ran the engineering section.’
    • ‘A senior first lieutenant commanded the FASCO and a master sergeant served as the noncommissioned office in charge.’
    • ‘Initially, this key faculty element was made up of a mixture of master sergeants, sergeants major, captains and majors.’
    • ‘For the recent sergeant first class promotion list, it is 19 months; and for the current master sergeant and sergeant major list, it is 12 months.’
    • ‘He is a retired master sergeant with over 20 years of service.’


master sergeant