Definition of master tape in English:

master tape


  • An original recording or film from which copies can be made.

    ‘her private music vault holds all the master tapes she's recorded for five decades’
    • ‘The original master tapes of many shows were erased during archive purges.’
    • ‘I waited for copies to be made from master tapes.’
    • ‘In the intervening years, the master tapes seem to have deteriorated a little.’
    • ‘At least the master tapes were safe.’
    • ‘He regularly transfers his master tapes to new digital media as they become available.’
    • ‘The reels were not just studio copies but master tapes.’
    • ‘The band opened up its own archive of master tapes for the project.’
    • ‘Master tapes of the sessions have been found in a cardboard box at the home of the band's guitarist.’
    • ‘The master tapes were destroyed in a fire in 1995.’
    • ‘Ben passed John the digital master tape.’
    • ‘I was listening to the master tape of our band's new single.’
    • ‘The time code was recorded onto each master tape.’
    • ‘All of these extraordinary events were recorded on magnetic reel-to-reel master tapes.’