Definition of masterliness in English:



See masterly

  • ‘Accountable for his leading role was the freshness of his paintings and their masterliness, his availability to younger artists, his charismatic personality, and his verbal brilliance.’
  • ‘So quite clearly, their own values about the capacity for humankind to intervene in nature, all of those values about the managerial masterliness of nature were absolutely out there for anyone to see.’
  • ‘Anthony Trollope's masterliness is obscured, first by charges of writing too much and too fast, and then by cultism.’
  • ‘We know too well that it is impossible to unveil the secret and the sacred that lays in masterliness.’
  • ‘Cézanne's masterliness includes, besides the control of the canvas in its complexity and novelty, the ordering of his own life as an artist.’